Hamsa Stackable Bracelet

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The Hamsa Hand, or the Hand of God/Hand of Fatima, symbolizes protection in numbers faiths as well as bringing the owner luck, fertility, health, good fortune and happiness. The Hamsa Hand is a symbol of many religious beliefs including Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Jainism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Shamanism. You may see the Hamsa with the hand pointing up or pointing down.

I personally love this symbol because of how many religions have ties to it. There are so many depictions out there and they are all so beautiful


- Wear this Hamsa bracelet by it's self or stack it with others to make a fashion statement
- Fits average adult wrist, offered in 2 sizes (Small & Large) to accommodate variation in wrist size (Size S pictured on a 5.5 inch wrist)

All our bracelets are handmade by me and are made with high quality beads